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Choosing the right windows for your home can greatly enhance your home by increasing curb appeal, enhancing energy efficiency, allowing for better control of the airflow in your house, and increasing the overall value of your home. Selecting less than ideal windows for your house on the other hand can reduce your home’s aesthetic appeal,  make it easier for burglars to gain access to your home, increase your heating and cooling bills, and have no positive affect on your home’s overall value.

This is why it is important when planning a window replacement project to spend time researching both the type of replacement windows and the contractor installing your windows.

Below we look at what you should look for when choosing the right windows for your home.

  • Your home’s architectural style 

You’ll want to choose windows that complement the architectural style of your home to ensure that they don’t look out of place. For a contemporary home, sliding windows and picture windows match up nicely, while casement windows and double-hung windows work well for traditional-styled homes. If you are looking for a great window option for a farmhouse-style home, you cannot go wrong with bay or bow windows.

  • Quality construction

While you will want to choose windows that add to your home’s curb appeal and complement your home’s architecture, quality construction is one aspect you can’t afford to overlook. Windows made with strong and high-quality materials will help keep out would-be burglars and help prevent any bumps and bangs from damaging them.

  • Energy efficiency 

Energy efficient windows help to lower energy consumption and in turn reduce your utility bills. This is a great feature to look into when completing a window replacement as you can save quite a bit of  money in the long run. There are many energy efficient windows to choose from in the market. Some of the top energy efficient windows you should consider include high-performance R-5 windows, Low-E coated and argon gas-filled windows. Although some energy efficient windows can be hirer in price than some conventional windows, they are truly worth the cost.

Opting into triple-paned windows is also extremely effective when it comes to energy efficiency and blocking outside noise.

  • Choose a frame material that works for you 

Windows come in a wide array of frame materials, including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and many more options. Vinyl frames are some of the most popular as they boast several positive qualities including energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. Vinyl is also less expensive than many of the other options and offers superior resistance to termite damage.

Fiberglass windows are also a great option if you’re looking to make your home more secure. This frame material is durable, energy-efficient, doesn’t warp, and easy to maintain, but comes at a slightly higher cost than vinyl.

Aluminum windows are highly customizable, so they’re great for homeowners interested in design flexibility, but may not have the same energy efficient properties as vinyl or fiberglass.

When looking for replacement windows for your home, these are a few of the key items to consider. Just keep in mind, choosing the right windows is only one part of the equation. Partnering with a reliable windows and doors contractor is just as important as the windows you choose. After all, even the top of the line windows and fall below expectations if not installed properly.

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