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When's it the right time for a window replacement in Toronto?

Well, that’ll depend on myriad of factors. Maybe you’ve noticed condensation on the outside of your home windows. Or, your energy bills have steadily increased and you can’t seem to find the reason for the upswing. Or your windows and doors are just dated, and it’s time to add some more curb value to your Toronto home.

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Is it time for a window replacement for you Toronto home ?

Just like there are many factors as to why you feel it’s time for replacement windows, there are many factors that you need to consider once you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade. Here’s what our replacement window company feels is important to account for before you embark on your home reno project.

What do you prefer ?

Regardless of whether you’re moving into a Toronto area home and want to start upgrading features immediately, or you want to give your existing home a facelift, your preference is priority. There’s no point getting a professional window installation done if it’s not something you’ll feel you’ll stick with long term.

So think about your own preferences, and the style of your Toronto home. Are you a fan of single- or double-hung windows? Did you grow up in a home with slider windows, and need them in your life again? Are you looking to improve your views of the great outdoors, and therefore need something wide and welcoming like bay windows?

In terms of replacement window customization options, like colour, size, glass options, etc., this will vary depending on the window company in Toronto you choose. So, be sure they have the available custom options before making a replacement window installation appointment!

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you begin the hunt for new replacement windows for your Toronto home.


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Types of replacement Windows and Doors for your Toronto home

While your preference is #1, form and function are a close second. The best replacement windows aren’t just suited to your style – they’re suited to your individual needs, too.

We touched on some of the questions you should be asking yourself in the previous section, and that same process will also help in deciding which types of replacement windows are best for your home. Like we touched on, maybe you want better views – bay or bow windows are ideal here. Or, you may want easy open-close operation, making slider windows a fine choice. Or you have a proclivity for natural air, meaning awning windows need to be thrown into the consideration pile.

Some of the most common replacement windows in the GTA include:

Thermo-Bilt Reviews

We purchased 10 energy efficient thermal pane windows and two doors in March. The representative Mr. Barry Liburkin did a fantastic job explaining the benefits of his products. We were very happy with the installation team led by Stan and Igor. The office staff was also very friendly and we will gladly refer this company to everyone for their windows and doors needs. A job well done! Thank you.

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We are very pleased with this company. They replaced 8 Windows in our house. Peter and his crew did a masterful job on our Bow window build. The job was done fast and efficient and we love the high quality of the product.

John Andrighetti


Are they energy-efficient windows?

Tying into the functional aspects of your replacement windows, you’ll want to opt for the best energy efficient replacement windows you can afford. With most Toronto window companies offering energy efficient windows, it only makes sense to follow what all the cool houses are doing.

It’s logical from an investment perspective (because that’s really what a window replacement is – an additional investment in your home). You may have to pay a higher upfront cost for energy efficient windows, but they’ll literally pay off in the long run with what you’ll save on your energy bills over time. Plus, some windows may qualify for tax credits from the provincial government. You’ll be protected from winds, rains, and snow in the colder months, while having a cool home in the summer and spring seasons.

There are many ways energy-efficient windows are constructed – they can be vacuum sealed, inert gasses, or double- or triple-glazed – so be sure to ask your Toronto window installers about the differences between each.

What's your budget?

This is likely what you were most concerned with first, wasn’t it? Cost will always play a factor; some homeowners will be more comfortable putting more up front for quality windows than others, and that’s okay. Remember point #1 – preference!

Just remember that the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to the replacement window industry, too. Considering the long-term value replacement windows can afford your Toronto home, including saving on your energy bill and enhancing the value of the home if you one day decide to sell, investing in durable, high-quality windows may be worth the short term pain to your wallet.

Also important to note, quality replacement windows means less money spent on repairs and maintenance, too, which adds up to even more substantial savings.

Learn more about what factors into replacement window prices.

What about the installation process?

While you’re weighing your replacement window options, and which Toronto window company you’d like to work with, remember to factor in window installation costs. You could forgo hiring professional window installers, but unless you’re extremely handy and have extreme patience, you may be setting yourself up for an unnecessary time and cost sink.

So it’s recommended you hire professional window installers from a reputable Toronto window company to handle all aspects of your replacement window project for you. This will avoid costly errors in the installation process, plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing the job was done right, minimizing the risk of future repairs. This is especially true if you’re ordering custom windows, which can be a more delicate installation process depending on the custom specs.

Many of the best window companies in Toronto offer a warranty alongside their products, and this sometimes includes professional installation from a certified window installer. So whoever you decide to choose, be sure you’re asking about warranties and coverage, in order to get maximum value for your new replacement windows.

For more information about replacement windows and doors, check out our FAQ!