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What Are the Main Causes of Cold Air Drafts in Windows?

Cold air drafts occur when cold air infiltrates the home through small openings, gaps, or cracks around windows, doors, or other structural elements. Addressing cold air drafts is important, as drafts can compromise indoor air quality and overall comfort levels at home. Here are the main causes of cold air…
April 15, 2024

The Impact of Condensation on Windows and How to Stop It

When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, the moisture in the air condenses into water droplets. You might have seen condensation on your windows on particularly cold days, when the temperature inside your home is warmer than the temperature outside. If left unaddressed, condensation can lead…
March 14, 2024

The Invisible Shield: How Argon Gas Enhances Your Windows

Energy efficient windows help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reduce drafts, and prevent hot or cold spots near windows, resulting in a more comfortable living environment for your home. A home’s energy efficient features, including windows, can also enhance the value of the property. Potential buyers are often attracted to…
January 16, 2024
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