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While researching the best replacement windows for your Toronto home, you’ve probably come across ‘low-E’ a few times.

For replacement window companies like us, it’s a common term that we don’t even notice we use in our everyday verbiage. But to the average homeowner, it really doesn’t mean much. What does low-E even stand for? Low energy? Low element?

We’ll give you a basic summary of low-E replacement window glass, because it’s an important term to know when it comes to new windows. After you become a low-E expert, you’ll then be able to gauge whether it’s a product worth upgrading to (spoiler: it most certainly is).

So, what exactly is low-E?

Low-E stands for *drumroll* low-emissivity. This specialty window coating is applied to replacement window glass with the main benefit of making the glass even more energy efficient.

Low-E glass also limits ultraviolet and infrared light from the sun that pours in through the windows, which also benefits energy efficiency, as well as making the home more comfortable year-round. An important thing to note that while these harmful UV rays are reduced, low-E glass is designed to allow the same amount of light to enter the home, so you can enjoy that summer sun.

The low-E coating is thin, but reflective, giving it the ability to reflect heat – you’ll see that reflected on your energy bill, too.

For the energy efficiency benefits alone, we feel upgrading to low-E replacement window glass will pay for itself and more over the years.

Summarizing the benefits of low-E replacement window glass

Going into a bit more detail on the three points we touched on, these are the three main reasons why you should consider a low-E glass upgrade for your home reno project:

  • Lower Energy Bills: By investing in low-E glass from the get-go, you’re sure to get your investment back – and much more – through lower utility bills each month. Considering the disparate temperatures we experience throughout the year in Toronto – bitter cold and scorching heats – low-E is a simple of way of keeping the comfort level in your home steady. With better energy-efficient windows, your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard in the winter and summer, respectively, meaning less money on utilities.
  • Reduced UV Rays: While sunshine is good for all the vitamin D it provides, too much of a good thing is, well, not good. Low-E glass can block a good chunk of UV rays hitting your home, which not helps save on energy and provides better in-home comfort, but is safer for you and your family, too. We’re sure you’re familiar with the problems UV rays can cause the skin, as highlighted by numerous sunscreen commercials. Keep in mind overexposure to UV rays isn’t just bad for you, but the things in your home as well; UV rays can actually damage the fabric on your couches/chairs/curtains, as well as fade furniture and flooring.
  • But You Still Get Sunlight: Low-E blocks out the bad UV rays, but it’s thin, unnoticeable makeup means you’ll still get all that good sunlight and vitamin D pouring into your home. It’s really a win-win!

All of Thermo-Bilt’s replacement windows are made with Cardinal Glass, one of the most advanced and tested glasses on the market today. Check out our line of replacement windows when you’re ready to upgrade, or get in touch with our Toronto window installers if you’d like more information about our products.