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Windows and Doors Replacement FAQs

There are some questions that we hear all the time about windows and door replacements. We’ve conveniently compiled the answers to your most common questions below.

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Windows and Doors Replacement FAQs

Those are the most common questions that we receive when talking about windows and door replacement. Click the question below to display the answer.

What is replacement windows?

A replacement window is a window that is built specifically to fit inside the opening of an existing window. It can be installed without damaging the interior or exterior areas around the window.

What are some signs that I need new windows and doors?

These are some telltale signs that it’s time to call Thermo-Bilt to replace your windows and doors.

  1. They are difficult to open and close.
  2. You feel drafts coming in around the window or door.
  3. There is visible damage, such as chipping, deterioration, or water stains.
  4. Your windows have become really hard to clean.
  5. There’s a sudden increase on your energy bill, likely caused by poor insulation on your old windows or doors.
  6. Outside noises have gotten very loud.
  7. Your furniture, carpets, and window treatments are fading, likely due to UV rays that are not blocked by your old windows.

Does Thermo-Bilt install windows and doors in Toronto?

We replace and install windows and doors in Toronto and across the GTA. Check out our Service Areas for a full list of where we operate.

Will the windows and doors replacement get in my way and make a mess?

Absolutely not. Our experienced and courteous window and door installers are trained to work with as little disturbance to your home and day-to-day life as possible. They will also dispose of your old windows and doors and any project-related debris.

What type of window glass do you use?

We build all our windows exclusively with state-of-the-art Cardinal glass.

Can I customize my replacement windows or doors?

Absolutely. Our planning and design team will work with you at your convenience to design the perfect windows and doors for your home. All of our products come in a variety of colours and can be made in a variety of styles.

Do you offer energy efficient windows? How are your Energy Star ratings?

By working exclusively with top quality, energy efficient Cardinal glass and only the highest quality of insulating materials, we guarantee that all of our windows and doors are energy efficient, as proven by the ENERGY STAR label on every product we install.

Can we get a door replacement at the same time as our window replacement?

Absolutely! However many windows and doors you need, we can install them in one job.

What’s the difference between bay and bow windows?

At first glance, bay and bow windows do look very similar.

Both work well to open up and beautify a room, let in lots of light, and add some elegance to the inside and outside of your home.

Here are the major differences:

Bay Windows

  • Comprised of 3 panels
  • Angular structure, with a large window in the middle and a small window on either side
  • Protrude further from the wall into the exterior space, creating more floor space inside
  • Optimal for more traditional architecture, but look great in any style home

Bow Windows

  • Comprised of 4-6 panels
  • Curved structure, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of your home
  • More glass panes allow for more light to enter the room
  • Usually wider than bay windows
  • Can be wrapped around the corner of a building for a panoramic view
  • Optimal for more modern architecture, but look great in any style home

There’s condensation on the outside of my new windows. Is that okay?

Homeowners who have purchased energy efficient replacement windows from Thermo-Bilt may notice condensation on the outside of their windows under certain weather conditions. That’s a good thing.

What is Condensation?

Condensation is what happens when air reaches and passes its dew point, the temperature to which the air must be cooled to become full of water vapour. When air cools beyond its dew point, the air vapour condenses and forms liquid water droplets.

If humid air meets its dew point through contact with a surface that is colder than the air (e.g. your window), water will condense on that surface and create water droplets, or condensation.

Common places to see condensation are on your cold mirror after a hot shower, on a cold beverage bottle on a sunny day, and when your eye glasses fog up upon entering a warm building on a cold winter day.

The same thing is happening on the outside of your windows.

Condensation on the Outside of Your Windows Proves their Energy Efficiency.

If on a humid day your window remains cold enough for condensation to occur, it means your windows are keeping the heat inside your home, and your windows are doing their job.

How can I prevent and/or eliminate the interior condensation on my windows?

To prevent or eliminate interior window condensation, you need to lower the humidity level inside your home. There are several ways you can do this.

  1. Turn down any humidifiers.
  2. Run your bathroom and kitchen fans for 15-20 minutes after you shower or cook.
  3. Use your furnace fan or ceiling fans all-year round to circulate the air in your home.
  4. If it isn’t too cold outside, open your windows to release some of the warm, moist air that’s trapped in your house.
  5. Buy a dehumidifier. 
  6. Leave your blinds open.

Do you guys offer custom window sizes?

We do! But be aware that while it is possible to have custom size windows, it’s often best to stick to standard window dimensions. Aside from the window glass and frame, other elements such as the brickmould, window casing, and jamb extensions come with their own set of standard sizes, too.

So when possible, we advise to sticking with standard window sizes, as it makes adding the rest of the window features simpler. You can check out our guide to standard window sizes in Canada for further information.

I keep hearing about ‘egress windows’. What are they?

Designed primarily as an emergency escape, egress windows are made in a way that any person can quickly and easily exit the home or building in case of an emergency. Should your home experience a fire or flood for example, egress restrictions will ensure that the set-up of your windows won’t cause an obstruction for household members to exit safely.

For an extensive breakdown of egress windows, from window sizes to requirements, check out our full guide on these must-have windows for your home.

Why use vinyl as my window material of choice?

Vinyl windows are not only more cost-effective than many other window types, but they’re also incredibly energy efficient.

Replacement vinyl windows do a great job of minimizing air flow, trapping indoor air, and preventing outdoor air from entering. In terms of customization, vinyl windows come in a variety of colours, and can easily be painted to match your home’s décor.

Learn everything there is to know about vinyl replacement windows by heading over to our Ultimate Guide on Vinyl Windows.


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We purchased 10 energy efficient thermal pane windows and two doors in March. The representative Mr. Barry Liburkin did a fantastic job explaining the benefits of his products. We were very happy with the installation team led by Stan and Igor. The office staff was also very friendly and we will gladly refer this company to everyone for their windows and doors needs. A job well done! Thank you.

Thomas Reinboldt

Fantastic windows and installation services! Staff were prompt, courteous, and skilled. These windows are definitely high quality but the costs were affordable. Make a point of calling this excellent company.

Natalie M

We are very pleased with this company. They replaced 8 Windows in our house. Peter and his crew did a masterful job on our Bow window build. The job was done fast and efficient and we love the high quality of the product.

John Andrighetti

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