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The truth is that many homeowners don’t usually think about replacement windows and doors unless theirs are beginning to physically show signs of wear and damage. Even though it is suggested that at a minimum, you should inspect your windows and doors bi-annually, and best if added to your seasonal home maintenance routine. If you do discover that your windows and doors are damaged, or if they are just getting up there in age, contact a local professional windows and doors specialist to come inspect your current windows and doors. Don’t be afraid to ask multiple contractors to come inspect your home, and it’s okay to ask each of them similar questions, so that you better understand your replacement options.

If you are now asking yourself “what questions should I ask when buying replacement windows?” We are here to help. Our team of consultants have put together a list of 5 key questions to ask when choosing replacement windows.

1. Should I replace all of the windows at once?

There are advantages to replacing all of your windows at the same time, such as uniformed look and equivalent condition between all windows. However, this ultimately depends on the overall condition of your windows. If your current windows are fairly new, and one or two of them were damaged in a storm, only replacing the damaged windows is a good decision. If your windows are older and a few of them have begun to break down and are difficult to operate, chances are the others will follow suit shortly. So, it’s best to remedy the issue before it becomes a problem and replace them all.

2. Are the replacement windows designed to stand up to my local weather conditions?

There are varying styles and materials for both windows and doors. Some of the materials and styles are better able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Understanding how your replacement products will stand up to your local weather conditions and environment, will ensure you are happy with your investment for years to come. Any experienced windows and doors consultant will be able to explain the differences, the benefits and the liabilities of the different available styles and materials.

3. Will the replacement windows match the style of my home?

There are plenty of advantages to replacing your windows, one of which is updating the aesthetics and style of your home. If you are looking to achieve a certain look for your home, the type of window and colours chosen will help you achieve this design. Make sure you describe your desired style outcome with your consultant, as they should be able to guide you based on their experience.

4. What are the features of these windows?

Design, style, and material of your new replacement windows are important, but so is the operation and energy efficiency and other features as well. These features are what will lead to the overall enjoyment of your replacement windows for years to come. Some of the energy efficiency features to consider include; Energy-Star ratings, double or triple-paned glass, and Low-E coating.

5. What type of warranty do the windows come with?

There are two types of warranties you should be expecting to hear about from the consultant. First is the manufactures warranty on the windows themselves, this is what covers the windows against any defects or issues with operation. The second is a workmanship warranty. This covers the repair, or the removal and installation of a new window if there was an issue. Understanding the details of both warranties will ensure that you are completely covered in case of an issue. Most manufacturer warranties will not cover the window if the issue is due to improper installation, so ensuring the contractor backs their work will provide you with assurance that your investment is protected.

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