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In our homes, it’s not just the internet, smartphones and TVs that are evolving. Advancements in window tech are on a quick and steady rise. We could soon be living in spaces that would have seemed like something out of a science-fiction movie just a few decades ago. Let’s take a look at where window technology is now, and what our view may look like in the future.

Windows of the Present

Home automation is a term most people have heard of. People are looking towards having their home work for them. Some of the things we already have now are just the beginning of smart home windows. External home monitoring devices can alert a homeowner when a window has become ajar. Motorized window coverings can be controlled from a few feet to thousands of kilometres away with a simple remote app.

There are also smart windows being used by some companies that can automatically tint to block sun and heat when it’s too hot and will tint less on overcast days. A lot of money, effort and thought is going into smart home windows and its technology. There is a lot of energy and money that can be saved. Plus, there are all of the benefits associated with natural light.

Window Tech Around the Corner

There are some pretty incredible smart window advancements that are just around the corner. A lot of it has to do with the glass, and it being able to change or adapt to weather conditions with the touch of a screen or remote. Electrochromic windows can change from opaque to transparent in the blink of an eye. So can thermochromic windows, but their change is based on temperature instead of a button.

Architects and manufacturers are looking at ways to turn windows into energy creators, as well as storage devices. Companies looking to shrink their carbon footprint are obviously clamouring for this technology to become a reality.

Windows of the Future

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to smart windows. The idea of using windows to collect energy is also being tested and adapted with the use of a solar concentrator. It gets placed over a window to collect solar energy, but at the same time still allows people to look through it. It’s ideas like this that could guide us into a more self-sustaining world.

Also, with the rise of touchscreen popularity, expansion into connected glass or “smart glass” is most definitely on the horizon. Using connected glass, we will be able to use a window in our home or office just like it was a giant tablet or smartphone.

Windows are the eyes of our homes, and they allow us to see all the splendour of the outside world. Make sure your windows are up to date by buying only the best from Thermo-Bilt.

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