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Current advancements in window technology have been remarkable, making new windows well worth the cost of installation. Often the newly installed windows can pay for themselves in a few short years with savings gained from lower heating and cooling bills. Today, you can brighten up a room with windows that combine great looks with superior thermal efficiency.

Windows do more than provide light and ventilation and can drastically alter the appearance of the house. They add to house design, character, and individuality, framing the outside scenery as seen from within, while enhancing room decor. Replacing a standard rectangular window with a bow window for instance, not only enhances cosmetic appeal, but creates the illusion of more space.

At Thermo Bilt Windows and Doors we have different types of window options available, ranging from casement windows, awning windows and double slider windows. You have the option of determining whether the glass of your new window will be frosted, mirrored or clear. You can also determine what your window pane will be set in wood, metal or vinyl casings.

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