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Window cleaning is one of the most straightforward parts of home maintenance but, if you are not used to the procedures, it can be tiring. Most people spend minutes or hours wiping down on their windows and end up with streaks across the window surface. Without proper maintenance, you may need to get a window replacement sooner than you would expect. If you want to get better at window cleaning, you can try these tips and tricks:

1. Wait for cloudy days

It may not sound right but, just think about it for a minute. A sunny day might sound like the best time to wash your windows but the heat from the sun can make your windows dry faster, which would cause streaks to appear on the windows. Instead, on a cloudy day, you can use the cleaning solution properly without worrying about it drying before you get to wash and wipe down the window surface.

2. Top to Bottom

One common mistake people make while cleaning their windows is wiping randomly across the surface. Instead, after spraying your cleaning solution, wipe from top to bottom to let gravity work its magic. As opposed to wiping side to side, top to bottom allows you to clean the corners easily and get the solution into areas that still need to be wiped.

3. Drop the washcloth and pick up a squeegee

For most people, the washcloth is the first choice to clean windows but it is not the best option for a proper cleaning job. To wipe down the window without leaving streaks or solution residues, you can use a squeegee to clear the glass surface in one sweep. It also works great for washing shower doors and other types of glass doors in your home.

4. Clean Corners With Cotton Swabs

Another thing you can try out to make sure that your windows are completely clean is the use of cotton swabs to clean the corners. While washing or wiping, the cleaning solution can pool up in the corners of your windows and leave spots that build up over time. For a better cleaning job, try using cotton swabs to clean out the corners of your windows. The cotton swabs can be maneuvered to clean out tight corners and edges better than a washcloth or squeegee.

5. DIY homemade Cleaner

You can try out a homemade cleaner that will be free of the chemicals that come in pre-package solutions. Those chemicals can reduce the quality of your window glass and limit their energy-efficiency. You can create your own glass cleaner by mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to restore the sheen and shine to your windows.

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