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You’re faced with tons of decisions when you buy replacement windows.

What type of window do I need? Bay, bow, awning, casement, or something else? What about the frames – would these colours match the aesthetics of my house? Are the open and close mechanisms practical? What type of glass should I choose?

The latter question is rarely asked by homeowners, though it should be. Choosing the best glass can minimize heating and cooling costs, as well as upkeep with all the self-cleaning variants available.

Glass is our top priority when it comes to replacement windows, which is why we only work with Cardinal Glass, one of the industry’s leaders in glass engineering. Coming out on top after rigorous testing, this replacement window glass lasts longer, stays cleaner, and maximizes thermal performance.

Why Cardinal Glass?

Cardinal produces the most advanced residential glass products in the industry (check out their performance tests here), engineered to deliver perfect solar control and visibility, year-round temperature comfort, and energy savings:

Hot or Cold

Cardinal Glass is made for Canada’s colder climate. When temperatures drop, the superior insulating capabilities keeps warm air in the home, reflecting the heat back in.

Conversely, when it’s hot out, Cardinal Glass blocks the sun’s heat and harmful ultraviolet rays from pouring into your home. The glass has no tints or glare, allowing pure light shine into your home.

Self-Cleaning Neat Glass

All of Cardinal’s products can be manufactured with a coating of Neat, which utilizes the sun’s rays to loosen dirt, so even rainwater can gently rinse grime away.


Expected from glass and window manufacturers nowadays, Cardinal Glass’ high solar gain and excellent insulation surpasses the criteria required for ENERGY STAR certification, the highest designation for windows products in the industry.

Types of Replacement Window Glass from Cardinal

Cardinal offers five types of replacement window glass that have their own unique advantages:

Insulating Glass

Delivers the lowest failure rate in the industry, and has the only comprehensive 20-year factor warranty alongside it. Exceptional longevity, outstanding thermal performance and solar control.

Coated Glass

Labeled the ‘ultimate performance glass’, Coated Glass from Cardinal makes other low-e glasses look amateur. This is the one glass that’s compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone, all in a double-pane window (yes, that’s rare).

Laminated Glass

Not suited for Canadian climates, this laminated glass is best for southeastern coastal regions that experience major storms and hurricanes. The best glass to withstand windborne debris and impact.

Custom Tempered Glass

When safety glazing is required by building codes, custom tempered glass is the answer. As the name suggests, Cardinal can customize their quality tempered glass for nearly any configuration.

Float Glass

The most popular glass for residential homes. Cardinal’s proprietary glass-making process allows them to manufacture many different thicknesses of glass – from 1.6 to 7mm, which are required for the residential market.

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