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Casement Windows

Casement windows open wide and close at a 90-degree angle, offering unobstructed views and refreshing outdoor air. With their simple style and the extraordinary amount of light they welcome, these replacement windows will complement any room or other window styles in your Toronto home.

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Casement Windows Toronto

Regardless of the type of casement window you choose – vinyl, wood, egress – it’ll be manufactured with Cardinal Glass. As one of the few window companies in Toronto that utilizes this tech-forward glass, you can rest assured this industry-leading product will be protected from common and expensive seal failure problems, which can hamstring energy efficiency and thermal performance. Cardinal’s replacement glass products feature a 0.2% seal failure rate over the past 20 years – the lowest in the industry, and the best you’ll find in any windows across the GTA.

Wide and Welcoming Replacement Casement Windows

  • Opens completely for superior ventilation
  • Crank handles allow for effortless opening and closing
  • Sash opens to a full 90-degrees for easy operation
  • Look great on their own or paired with other windows

Contact us today to get a free quote on casement window replacement!

Wide and Welcoming Replacement Casement Windows

  • Opens completely for superior ventilation
  • Crank handles allow for effortless opening and closing
  • Sash opens to a full 90-degrees for easy operation
  • Look great on their own or paired with other windows

Contact us today to get a free quote on casement window replacement!


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The Thermo-Bilt Advantage

Over 20 years serving the Greater Toronto Area

 Equipped with a sturdy visibility screen for better airflow with an unobstructed view.  High-quality fusion welding on all corners for strong, insulating frames and sashes. Infrared-applied, white polyester warm edge seal for top thermal performance and smooth finish and energy efficient.

Lifetime warranty included. One of the few window companies in Toronto that uses Cardinal glass in all replacement windows and doors products; 7/8″ overall Cardinal I.G. sealed units. CSA rated. Available with self-cleaning Neat® glass.

Window installers will plan a Toronto window installation fit to your schedule. Custom awning window sizes and designs and materials available to suit your décor, including aluminum awning windows and vinyl awning replacement windows.

Thermo-Bilt Reviews

We purchased 10 energy efficient thermal pane windows and two doors in March. The representative Mr. Barry Liburkin did a fantastic job explaining the benefits of his products. We were very happy with the installation team led by Stan and Igor. The office staff was also very friendly and we will gladly refer this company to everyone for their windows and doors needs. A job well done! Thank you.

Thomas Reinboldt

Fantastic windows and installation services! Staff were prompt, courteous, and skilled. These windows are definitely high quality but the costs were affordable. Make a point of calling this excellent company.

Natalie M

We are very pleased with this company. They replaced 8 Windows in our house. Peter and his crew did a masterful job on our Bow window build. The job was done fast and efficient and we love the high quality of the product.

John Andrighetti

Customize Your Casement Windows for Your Toronto Home

Choose from seven beautiful awning window colour finishes and accent your Toronto home with touches of character and personality. Resistant to fading and deterioration, any colour you choose for your awning window replacement is sure to keep its pop throughout Toronto’s changing seasons.

Chestnut Brown
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Canyon Clay

When a splash of colour isn’t enough and you’re looking for more pop and originality, we offer seven textured and coloured surface finishes for awning windows. The added textures create depth, limit glare, and thanks to the hybrid co-polymer material we use, repels dirt – all while giving your awning style replacement windows and Toronto home a modern touch.

Chestnut Brown
Commercial Brown
Dover Grey
Canyon Clay
Double Glue Chip
Glue Chip

For a little more weight and depth to your awning style windows, we offer a variety of exterior brickmoulds in a number of sizes and colours to match your Toronto home’s style. All awning window brickmoulds include a built-in rubber gasket, meaning no messy calking or extra maintenance required.

1 ½”
1 3/16”
Zero Extension

Jambs solidify and enhance awning replacement windows on the inside and out. Choose from a number of solid vinyl, vinyl-clad, and wood jamb (Primed paint grade, oak, pine, and more) packages in a variety of cuts that perfectly complement common awning replacement sizes and styles.

Jamb sizes: 1-1/2″ 2-1/2" 3-3/8″ 4-5/8″
Casing sizes: 2-5/8″ 3-3/8″
Rosette sizes: 2-5/8″ 3-3/8″

Complete your Toronto awning window installation with sturdy, stunning grillwork. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern, Thermo-Bilt’s selection of grills complement any awning window design you choose. From classic brass and understated woods to gorgeous Georgian grills, you’re sure to find that final touch to make your new awning windows a work of art.

5/8” Brass
5/16” Brass
Brass Pencil
5/8” Pewter
5/16” Pewter
Pewter Pencil
SDL Shadow Bar
1” White
5/8” White
5/16” White
White Pencil
1” Georgian White
Georgian White

Standard Fiberglass Screen

Thermo-Bilt’s awning window screens are sourced from Phiferglass, Phifer’s trademarked fiberglass screening, a high-value, high-visibility screen that leads the pack in the replacement window industry. These screens for awning style replacement windows are made from a permanent glass yarn coated with a durable vinyl that protects from rust, corrosion, and stains.


  • Standard Widths: 24″ to 84″ (60.9cm to 213.4cm); other widths available on request
  • Standard Roll Length: 800′, 600′ and 300′ ROM’s (243.84m, 182.8m and 91.4m); 100′ rolls (30.48m)
  • Standard Colours: Charcoal and Silver Gray

Pet Screen

Got a dog? A cat? Another four-legged friend? Then consider Pet Screen as your window screen of choice for your awning window installation. More durable than typical insect screening, Pet Screen is a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that’s both pet- and puncture-resistant.


  • Standard Widths: 36″ (91.4cm), 48″ (121.9cm), 60″ (152.4cm), 72″ (182.9cm), 84″ (213.4cm), 96″ (243.8) and 120″ (304.8cm)
  • Standard Roll Length: 100′ (30.48m) in all widths and 50′ (15.24m) in all widths except 120″
  • Standard Colours: Black

BetterVue Screen

An alternative insect screen for your awning windows. BetterVue screens offer improved visibility and clearer views, all while maintaining its resiliency to insects and pets. Excellent airflow and durability, attested by its sterling accelerated weathering tests (QUV 1200hrs. and Xenon Arc 2500 Kjs.) scores.


  • Standard Widths: ROM’s: 18″ to 72″ (45.7cm to 182.9cm); 100′ Rolls: 24″ to 84″ (60.9cm to 213.4cm)
  • Standard Roll Length: 600′ ROM’s (182.8m) and 100′ rolls (30.48m)
  • Standard Colours: Black

Standard Handle

A straightforward awning window handle that operates smoothly and easily. Full 90-degree window opening. Quickly detaches from the sash for easy cleaning.

Folding Handle

Like your standard window handle, with one key differentiator: a peak operating torque for even easier operation. Arguably the most economical and space-efficient handle choice for awning windows.

Full-Flip Handle

The full-flip awning window handle maintains its ‘open’ position without retracting on itself while in operation. Evokes a modern aesthetic when nested. Smooth operation. Screen readily detaches for effortless cleaning without the need of removing the entire crank.

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