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Most home improvement projects provide either additional convenience or aesthetics or both. A window replacement project is no exception. Upgrading your windows allows us to beautify our homes, giving them a new aesthetic look that raising our home’s curb appeal. Both bay windows and bow windows are widely regarded for their ability to increase the aesthetic appeal of any property. Depending on your personal style, you may consider choosing one of these window models over the other.

Even though both window styles may have a similar look, they both have very distinct features.

Below we will highlight the differences between Bay and Bow windows.


At first glance, the most obvious difference between both window styles is the number of window panes. Bay windows have 3 window panes, a larger picture window in the center, and two smaller windows on either side. Bow windows on the other hand usually have 4-5 window panes of equal size. Most modern homes opt for bay windows as there is less frame and larger windows to offer an unobstructed view. However, bow windows are utilized in many classic home designs, as the window provides a distinct character.


Both bow and bay windows fall in similar price ranges. Bay windows will come in slightly cheaper in most cases than a bow window as there are less window panes and frame construction. Like most items you may be looking to upgrade in your home, the overall price will depend on the type of materials, features, and installation chosen.


Both windows can be manufactured to cover the same window space, this is why some people are not able to distinguish between the two window styles. Taking a closer look, you will notice that bay windows tend to stick out of your fame more as they don’t have the same rounded shape as bow windows. Also, bow windows are able to fill in larger spaces nicer, as their added window panes allow them to spread out nicer.


Both windows will provide plenty of natural light to enter your home, bow windows however tend to allow for more light to penetrate your home due to their numerous openings and less sharp angles.

Return on Investment

There are two ways to look at ROI, one is based on the increased value each window brings to your home, and the other is based on usage and enjoyment you and your family will get from incorporating these window types in your home. When it comes to bay and bow windows the ROI on either, is pretty much identical. Both will help increase your home’s resale value, as they offer added appeal and natural lighting, and both can offer hours of enjoyments by cozying up next to the window with a good book or enjoying your morning coffee looking out your 180-degree views.

When it comes to choosing between a bay window and a bow window, the decision really comes down to personal preference and your home’s design and feel. Both windows will add to your home’s character, provide great views, and allow for more natural light to enter your home.

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