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You may think of windows as a necessity for your home. They provide a view to the outdoors and allow natural light and ventilation to reach your living spaces. While this is true, they can be so much more!

Around the world, creative designers and engineers have come up with new and unique windows that give any home added character that adds a variety of unique and creative styles. Here are some of our favourite unique and modern window designs from around the world:

Curved Windows

We love curved windows because they provide a unique view from the inside outdoors. They capture the scenery in a different frame and can creatively fit into wall spaces where a traditional rectangular window will not.

Windows can also be curved outwards from the home in a spherical shape creating a slight overhang from the wall. These types of windows make it possible to get a holistic view of beautiful scenery or the cityscape, all from the comfort of your home.

Geometric Shapes

Similar to curved windows, geometrically shaped windows can work in spaces where traditional rectangular windows cannot. While this practical feature is a huge benefit, it’s their abnormality that we love. Windows that are designed in a geometric shape grab people’s attention and they give both the exterior and interior of a home either a very contemporary or a very traditional feel. Be adventurous and consider shapes such as circles, diamonds, triangles, pentagons and hexagons!

Window Walls

Why have a wall blocking your view when you could replace it with a gigantic window? Window walls are elegant and are especially desirable if you have beautiful outdoor surroundings. You will receive an incredible amount of natural sunlight into your home with this type of window and will feel constantly more connected with nature.

Industrial Windows

In the modern décor world, industrial themes have become very popular. Windows are a great piece to adapt to match these industrial trends. Try framing the glass creatively with metal rods or pipes to give your windows an industrial edge.

Window Seats

After all the time, effort and money spent ensuring you have unique and modern window designs in your home, you are going to want to enjoy them! A great idea is to combine seating right into your window. Rather than a shallow window sill, use the space for a seat or a bench where you can soak up the sun and enjoy your views. This concept works particularly well in curved windows or more traditional window designs such as bay or bow windows.

Europe and Asia are particularly well-known for their modern and unique window designs. They use their space creatively and believe in combining style and functionality to make every home reflect its residents. Follow in their footsteps and bring these influences to North America!

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