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Colour, shape, glass or no glass? There’s a lot of choices involved in your front door. However, looks aren’t everything. You also have to consider the strength and security your front door can offer. Plus, ease of use. Let us walk you through everything you need to consider when choosing a new entry door.

Front Door Security

Your front door is the first entry point that thieves and other criminals will try to use to get into your home. To avoid being kicked in, front entry doors need secure frames that hold the door in place despite stress. Entryways that are custom-sized will need specially made doors in order to be secure.

Front doors also need well-functioning deadbolts, whether operated by lock and key or a digital lock. Digital locks are especially convenient for security because they can alert you even if they are forced open.

Front Door Seal

The front door should seal properly against the floor of the home to keep hot air inside in the winter, and cool air inside in the summer. Wood is insulating, but it can expand and shrink during weather changes so it doesn’t maintain a tight seal. Fiberglass and steel doors are better choices. They can be filled with insulating foam. Steel can even seal magnetically, which helps keep the frame in place too.

Ease of Use

Your new entry door should operate smoothly, opening and closing with ease. This is also a good sign that the seal is still intact. It’s not just a broken seal or a misshaped door that can interfere with the easy use of a door, though. If you’ve put multiple locks on the door, this can make opening and closing it a hassle. Invest in a more secure door, with one good lock, and you can get better security without the inconvenience.

 Finishes and Colour

The last decisions you have to make about your front door are the most fun. What finish will the handle be, and what colour will the door itself be?

For handles, Thermo-Bilt offers four styles of brass handles, including levers and knobs. They’re available in four different finishes, from sparkling gold to silver.

The style of your door and its colour should work with the overall look of your home’s facade. Exact matching to your home’s siding or brick colour often looks a little too co-ordinated. Choose a matching neutral colour. Or, if your home is relatively neutral, a vibrant front door might just offer the pop you need.

We have over twenty different paint colours, and can give your door a unique finish or texture, lending a high-end look to your front entryway.

If you’re in need of a new entry door — whether to upgrade security, the seal, or aesthetics, contact us at Thermo-Bilt for a free quote.

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