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Not sure if it is time to invest in replacement windows? Maybe your reasons are aesthetic. Upgrading an old look can have you falling in love with your house again. Replacement windows can also add to the value of your home. It may be easy to tell if your windows look old, but you may feel less confident about understanding the functional reasons for installing replacement windows. If so, look for these clues around your home to help you determine whether or not you should make the switch to new windows.

Visible Damage

The first indication you may need replacement windows is that your current windows are not looking their best. Over time water may warp your window’s frames or cause the wood to rot. You may also find cracks in the window’s seals. These issues can have a serious impact on the functionality of your windows. If the seal is cracked then your window’s functionality will be diminished, driving up your heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer.

Warped frames make opening and closing your windows frustrating and complicated. In some cases, even unsafe. Windows often function as an emergency exit. The absolute last thing you want in a fire or flood is to be trapped by a faulty window. At a certain point investing in replacement windows becomes a matter of investing in the safety of your home.

Your window’s locks are another safety concern. It is easier to get a good night’s sleep if you are confident your windows are structurally sound with working locks.

Repair Bills

Repairs can be a hassle and over time the costs associated with repair – tools, parts and labour – can add up to more than a set of replacement windows. This is especially true with older windows. Depending on the age of your windows, replacement parts may become harder and harder to find. You may have to throw in the towel and opt for new windows instead.


Broken windows will let in a draft, making heating and cooling your home more difficult and expensive. Finding a draft isn’t always as obvious as you may think. Whistling is a good indicator that your window is not insulating well. If you don’t hear whistling but still suspect a window is letting in a draft, light a candle and hold it in front of the suspected area. A draft will cause the flame to flicker. Installing draft reducing replacement windows saves you money on your energy bill and keeps you comfortable.


If you notice fabrics, (like your curtains, your couch) or artwork around your home looking less vibrant then your windows might be the culprit. Different types of windows block different amounts of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Single-pane glass does the poorest job of stopping these rays and if you notice severe damage to your belongings this could be the reason. Older houses also tend to have single pane glass. When researching replacement windows consider where you keep valuable furniture and heirlooms.
With these tips you’ll be better equipped to make a decision about whether it’s time for a window repair or to install replacement windows.

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