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Your front door may seem like a small detail, but it’s the first impression people have of your home. A catchy entry door can make your whole house pop, increase your curb appeal, and bring out your inner designer! While many homes still have fiberglass front doors, steel entry doors are a trendy alternative that more and more Toronto homeowners are installing front and center.

Choose from a Range of Front Door Styles and Colours


Your front door can be a work of art. With nearly 20 styles to choose from at Thermo-Bilt alone, the creative freedom is yours for the taking with steel entry doors. From modern and sophisticated to classic Americana, there is a steel door to match your personal style, no matter what that may be. To make it even more unique, there are a range of beautiful colours for GTA homeowners to choose from. Classic black and white are always available, but so are some bolder choices like a variety of blues, greens and reds.

Stay Safe and Secure with Steel Doors

Steel is a strong and durable material that you can feel confident installing. Having a steel entry door will ensure that your Toronto home is properly protected. The material won’t break or bend on impact and will stand up to the elements without any issues.

Low Maintenance, High Energy Efficiency

Due to their durability, steel doors are easy to maintain, requiring very little care to look as good as new for years to come. When it comes to energy efficiency, steel is an excellent thermal insulator. Your steel doors will block out external heat or cold air from entering the house and prevent the warm or cool air in your home from escaping. While your new door may be cool or hot to the touch, it won’t have any bearing on the interior climate of your Toronto home.

Choose a Steel Entry Door with Glass

The most technologically-advanced glass products on the market are also available as a feature for your front door. If you choose a steel entry door with glass, you’ll benefit from the incomparable quality of Cardinal Glass. Steel entry doors with glass allow you to let in the natural light, without obstructing the view, so that there is some visibility into your home.

Are you sold on steel doors? Let Thermo-Bilt’s team of windows and doors experts help you choose a design and carry out the installation! Contact us today. 

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