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With the onset of warmer spring weather, it is now time to carry out the annual spring cleaning and maintenance projects in our homes. One of the first things that should be tackled during spring cleaning season are a home’s windows. By checking them on a regular schedule, the lifetime of windows can be prolonged.

Depending on the age and style of your windows, window cleaning and maintenance will vary. Newer windows have self-cleaning properties that can break down dirt and make the cleaning process quite simple and effortless, while older windows are harder to clean and repair.

You should constantly check the status of your wooden window frames for moisture or painting maintenance. In homes that have older windows, it is not uncommon to see some more advanced stages of weathering along the lower wood areas of the window pane. In cold environments, condensation or frost can form on the glass and this moisture flows to the edge of the pane and can compromise a wood frame’s finish.

If you have trouble getting a good view of your spring garden through your freshly washed windows, this might mean your windows either need cleaning or replacement.

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