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Style and efficiency are typically the main things people consider when planning on replacing their windows in their home.  Well, how about safety and security?  Making the decision to replace your windows is an important decision. When making this decision, you should not only consider the energy efficiency, style, and design of the windows but also the level of security it provides.  You should inspect the windows and doors in your home often to ensure they are not showing any signs of damage to the window itself, the casing, or the frame,  Any signs of damage to the window, the casing, or the frame could mean your home is vulnerable to unwanted guests and is probably not as energy efficient as you need it to be.

Did you know that windows are the weakest point of entry in the home?  When you’re ready to consider replacement windows, you should contact a windows and door replacement expert for your inquiries.  They can help you choose a highly secure window type without distracting from their appearance at all.  With the right information, securing your home with replacement windows doesn’t have to be a big budget project.

Lock Mechanism

One of the first things you should ask about is the lock mechanism and how it works.  The lock should be quite easy to function and most importantly it should provide you with complete peace of mind that it’s going to do a great job of keeping out intruders.

Reinforced Glass

Burglars tend to choose the path of least resistance.  You can install an invisible security window film that makes them a lot more difficult to break.

  • Tempered glass is one of the best ways to reinforce your windows because it is much more durable than traditional glass.  It’s a little more expensive than traditional glass however, it does provide added security and is the least expensive option for reinforced glass.
  • Laminated glass is another great option.  It consists of a layer of vinyl between two sheets of regular glass.  To break through this type of reinforced window, the intruder would have to strike the window multiple time in the same spot, also creating a lot of noise and disruption.  The intruder is likely to run off or get caught before they could even penetrate the window enough to create an opening.

Casement Windows

Casement windows function with a crank on the inside of the window.  They open and close similar to the motion of a door.  These types of windows are considered the most secure type of window because, with no way to turn the crank from the outside.  If a casement window is closed tightly and locked, it’s pretty much impossible for an intruder to enter through this type window.  No added hardware or external lock is needed to make this window any more secure that how it’s already built.

Double-Hung Windows

This is a classic style window, it slides vertically up and down.  This type of window has two operable sashes which allows you the option of opening the upper sash for ventilation.  Typically this would be the preferred window type for families with small children because it is the safest and most convenient for ventilating air into the room by opening only the upper window, the part that is unreachable for children.  When the lock is engaged, it holds both sashes in place so they cannot move.

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