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Window washing ranks high on the list of most hated and time consuming household tasks. For those who hate window cleaning as much as we do, we are now offering Neat Glass as a standard option for Spring 2014 installations only.

When rain touches the surface of regular glass it beads up and runs off the surface. The dust particles in rainwater rivulets can leave streaks or spots. While in Neat Glass, the surface is coated with titanium oxide, which makes water run down it in continuous sheets that push off the dirt particles and diffuse dust across the window.

Even on sunny days, ultraviolet rays will turn the titanium oxide into a catalyst that breaks dirt into carbon dioxide and water vapour –  a process called photo catalytic self-cleaning. The photo catalytic property is formed by a thin layer of nano-structured titanium oxide deposited at the surface of a float glass. When exposed to sunlight UVA radiations, the titanium oxide acts as a catalyst slowly breaking down organic dirt into carbon dioxide and water.

Neat Glass repels dirt. It is one of the new features available in the ever-changing business of replacement windows. You will literally be able to watch small smudges slowly disappear.

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