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Dents, cracks and fog build up are some of the more popular types of damage that can affect your windows. In situations like this, homeowners often wonder whether to replace or repair their windows. Repairing a window may be cheaper and can correct an issue in the short term, but at times, repairing a window instead of replacing it might be asking for future troubles. So, how can you be sure whether your windows require a repair or replacement? This question depends on the current situation of your windows. Below, we have provided more insight on these situations to help make your decision easier:

1. Is your window opening and latching perfectly?

Opening and closing your windows should not be complicated. Any complications like stiffness or inability to open all the way simply indicates that a window replacement is needed. Windows that are not easily operable can pose a danger especially in times of emergency. If your windows are old and rigid and give you difficulty when trying to operate, you should look into a window replacement.

2. Is your window foggy?

Fogginess or condensation within your window pane can be as a result of a poor seal. A poor seal permits moisture into your window panes resulting in condensation. Once your seal is damaged or not firm, fog build up in a window pane becomes inevitable. In situations like this, you may not need to replace your whole window, you may be able to simply replace the pane, as l;ong as three are no other issues. If your frames are old, warped or damaged, it is still advisable to replace your windows.

3. Is your window cracked?

Your first thought might be to opt for a full window replacement when your window pane is cracked, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You may be able to replace just the panes instead. By replacing your window pane, you save on full coverage window replacement costs and still get similar benefits. However, in situations where the window frames are old, you should consider a full window replacement.

4. Are your muntins or mullions in good condition?

In case you’re wondering, muntins and mullions are the horizontal and vertical wooden or vinyl bars that are between the panes of a window glass that support glazing. They are often referred to as window dividers and  primarily used nowadays for aesthetics. If you find that any one is broken or has come loose, that window pane will require a replacement. You can’t replace the muntin or mullion without at least replacing a pane. This type of damage can be an indication of your windows no longer being square, which could lead to further issues.

5. Does your window allow water in?

Your window seal has a primary role in preventing air and water leaks, but if your seals are not functioning properly, your windows may not be air and water tight. Water entering from around  your window can lead to serious damage if not urgently attended to. In these scenarios, you may be able to stop the leak by having new caulking installed around your windows, if the leak is due to a warped or damaged frame, you will need to look into a replacement.

These scenarios should give you an idea of what decision to make when it comes to repairing or replacing your windows. For your window replacement and repairs, be sure to consult a professional windows and doors contractor as they can inspect and provide suggestions based on your specific situation.

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