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A question many homeowners ask us often is, “how do we know when it is time to replace our windows?” The answer to this question isn’t as simple as giving a time frame. Your windows will provide you with indicators that let you know of potential issues. These indicators, if caught early can simply mean that a repair or maintenance is required, if missed and left to persist, only a window replacement will rectify the issue.

Here we cover some of these indicators:

Inoperative Windows

Windows that are unable to open or close properly can pose some serious issues for homeowners. These windows can pose a safety risk, because if there was a fire or another emergency situation where a window was the only way out and that window did not open, then the consequences could be catastrophic. On the other hand, if your window doesn’t close properly, it can be seen as an easy target for a burglar or home intruder.

Cold Draft

If you are able to feel a draft coming in from around your windows, this is a sign that either your windows do not seal properly or that the frames can be damaged or warped. Drafts can lead to inconsistent temperatures in your home making it less comfortable and causing your energy bills to increase.


If you notice condensation building up in between your window panes, this is an indication. That the window’s seal has malfunctioned and your window has lost its efficiency. In this case, you are not able to repair a broken seal on a window and a window replacement is your best option. It is worth mentioning that condensation on the outside of your glass is normal, this occurs when the temperature is significantly warmer on one side of the window versus the other, like a cold drink on a hot summer’s day, moisture builds up on the glass.


Warped frames, cracked glass and bent sashes are all devastating to the functionality of a window. These issues will lead to difficulty operating your window, can allow pests and uninvited guests to enter your home and even allow water to enter your home leading to additional damage. Replacing damaged windows is the best way to protect your home.

Excessive Exterior Noise

Hearing a car horn honking or a dog barking while sitting in your home is normal, especially if it is right outside your home, but hearing people’s conversations as they walk by and cars driving by should not be an everyday thing. If you are able to hear excessive exterior noise from inside your home, it could mean the seals on your windows are failing. A window replacement will help bring back the quiet into your home by keeping the exterior noise out.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Old Windows?

Windows have evolved drastically over the past century, what started out as a single piece of glass imbedded into a wooden frame is now an advanced building material that is available in a wide selection of frame materials and multiple glass panes. Windows offer a wide range of advantages that go beyond just allowing natural light and fresh air into your home.

Let us look into the benefits of a window replacement:

Increased Comfort

Older windows will allow for more heat transfer than new windows. This means that heat is able to escape in the winter and enter your home in the summer. They may also be susceptible to drafts. New energy efficient windows will reduce heat transfer and be perfectly sealed eliminating any potential drafts. Eliminating these issues will lead to a more consistent temperature in your home making it more comfortable.

Noise Reduction

It has been proven that constant background noise can have adverse effects on your health, with a window replacement you will significantly reduce the amount of noise that can penetrate into your home from the outside offering a more peaceful atmosphere within your home. Noise from cars, people talking and dogs barking can be fully ignored with new windows.

Increased Curb Appeal

New windows can give your home a facelift and add to your home’s appeal. Windows are one of the only home improvement projects that can be enjoyed from both the inside and outside of your home and will improve the aesthetics from both ends.

Improved Safety and Protection

An older window that is difficult to open or is stuck closed is beyond an irritation, it may be a safety hazard. If there is ever an emergency, that window cannot be used as a viable exit. Also, older windows can stand out as an easy entry point for potential home invaders, as they are easier to break into. New windows eliminate both of these issues, they allow for an emergency exit point as well as protect your home against intruders.

Lift in Property Value

New windows will also help increase your home’s value. If you decide to sell your home after your window replacement, potential home buyers will see new windows as a benefit of buying your home. Increased attention to the home will help drive up the price to purchase it.

The above are just a few benefits of replacing your old windows, another benefit is that you will have a warranty on your replacement windows, so in the case if anything goes wrong, you have the peace of mind that it will be taken care of properly.

How Do I Choose A Good Windows Installer?

Purchasing a good quality window is only one half of preparing for a window replacement. Choosing an experienced window contractor to professionally replace your windows is the other. Installing windows takes more than just screwing the windows into the openings, there is a lot of care and skill needed to install a window correctly. If you by chance choose a contractor that is not as experienced or skilled in installing windows, you can end up with problems you did not anticipate

Understanding how to select a good window installer will help ensure that your installation is completed correctly and that your windows function as expected.

The following are some of the top factors to consider when looking at window replacement contractors.

Previous Projects Completed

When speaking with potential window installers make sure to ask about previous projects. Ask if they have worked in your neighbourhood previously and if they have completed similar replacement projects as yours previously. Ask to see their portfolio of previous jobs and for the addresses of recent projects completed. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect if they complete your window replacement project.

Do they have their own crew or do they outsource?

Many contractors try to close as many window replacement projects as possible, especially in spring when the market is busy. Later when it comes to completing these jobs, they may not have the ability to complete them using their inhouse team and outsource them to another company or crew. It is good to know if the company you are hiring will complete the job or if they outsource. If they outsource, you really have no way of telling what you will get.

Check Their Online Reviews

Finding reviews for almost any business is as easy as a quick online search nowadays. Take your time to read what others had to say about their experience with the same contractor. Look for similarities in the complaints and in the positive reviews, this will help you understand what to expect from that contractor. Check multiple sites, don’t just rely on the first site you come across.

Ask for Referrals

You trust your friends and family, if they tell you about a windows contractor that they trust, it is worth giving them a call. You don’t need to go with a contractor just because they were referred to you, but it is an easy way to narrow down potential contractors.

When looking for a reputable windows replacement contractor, you should choose to go with a company you feel comfortable with and that you can trust. Doing your research may take some extra time, but it will be well worth it when the project comes out exactly as you envisioned.


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