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When it comes to home upgrades, most homeowners do not have window replacement on their list of upgrades they are excited about. However, windows play an important role when it comes to your home’s comfort, safety, aesthetics, and energy consumption and should be seen as an important upgrade.

We asked our experts to share their tips on when is the right time to replace your windows? Read on to discover their leading signs that indicate it is time to change your windows.

1. Your Home Has Single-Pane Windows

If your home was built in the 70’s or prior, and you still have the original windows, chances are your home has single pane windows. New windows are double, triple, and can even be quadruple paned to offer increased energy-efficiency and significantly improve the interior comfort of your home. Newer windows will also increase your home’s security and can help reduce damaging UV rays from entering your home.

2. Your Windows Have Significant Damage

If you skip regular window maintenance, you risk missing important signs of damage. Eventually this damage will worsen leading to rotten, broken, and or warped window frames. When the damage begins to affect the operation of the window or compromises the safety of your home you should be looking into window replacement options. After all you do not want any unexpected accidents or offer an easy access point to a would be intruder.

3. You Have High Energy Bills

As your windows get older, their insulation properties decrease. As such, they will let more heat (or cold) inside, which can increase your energy bills up to 25%. In these cases window replacement becomes a cost-saving solution, reducing your energy consumption and the energy fees to go with it.

4. You Hear Outside Noise

Windows are meant to make our homes comfortable. So, if you notice that there is a lot of outside noise penetrating your home, this could be an indication of an issue with your windows. Maybe your windows are older and were built without soundproofing materials or perhaps they are not sealing properly anymore. No matter the cause, you should have a professional window installer have a look. If the best solution to deal with the noise is a window replacement, ask for windows that have acoustic insulation to help keep noise levels down.

5. You Can’t Operate Your Windows

Windows that are challenging to open or close need close inspection. There might be joint problems, lock issues, or you might face an old window in need of replacement. As soon as you notice your windows get challenging to operate, it would be best if you asked for a professional assessment. Windows can turn out to be pretty hazardous if left unattended.

Above are just some of the reasons why you may need to look into window replacement options. Another may be to change the look and feel of your home, no matter the reason, seek the assistance of an experienced, professional window contractor to assist with your project.