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The installation of new windows and doors has many benefits such as reduced expenditure on your energy bills, added aesthetic appeal to your home, and security from the numerous potential issues that can arise from damaged or worn windows. As a homeowner your job isn’t done once you have hired a window installation team and chosen the style of replacement windows. You need to prepare your home prior to the beginning of the installation process.

To help you be ready on the day of your install we have compiled tips to prepare the window installation area for you below:

1. Clear the Space Around Your Windows

The installation team will require space to work effectively, and to help them out you should remove everything around and on your windows. Items such as blinds, curtains, and any other decorations around your window frames should be removed before the installation crew arrives. Not only does this help provide a clear space for the window installation, it helps protect these items from potential damage that may occur during the installation.

2. Cover Everything in Your House

Inevitably there will be debris and dust from the removal of the old windows and doors and the installation of the new ones. Find a large covering and place it over furniture and valuables in the rooms that are being worked in. This prevents debris and dust from settling on your valuables. If not protected, your furniture and other belongings can end up covered with dust and debris.

3. Grant the Installers Necessary Access

The best time for a windows and doors replacement is when you are away, this saves you from any hazards while it gives the installation crew enough space to work. Hence, the need to grant the installers all necessary access into your home and every part of the house where a window renovation is needed.

4. A Temporary Storage

Granting someone access into your home might be a scary situation for you, especially if you are not around to keep an eye on things. To help ease these uneasy feelings, you can temporarily move items of importance and value to an area of your home the contractors will not need to access. This could be a room without a window, a room where the window is not being replaced, or perhaps even your garage. This will help keep your items safe and your mind at ease.

5. Seek Advice from the Contractor

How to prepare for a window replacement is not general, meaning, one type of replacement might require a specific type of preparation. Communicating with your contracted window and door company will help you prepare adequately and efficiently before the window replacement begins.

The above are just a few tips to prepare the window installation area and your home in general for a successful installation.

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