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Your windows and doors are some of the most utilized components of your home. In most households they are used on a daily basis without much thought put into their upkeep. Who can blame these individuals, your windows and doors have an average lifespan of 20 – 25 years. Meaning most people do not have a ton of experience or knowledge when it comes time to replacing their windows and doors, or even noticing the signs it is time for a window replacement.

To help you examine your windows, we have asked some of our technicians to share what they look for when inspecting older windows?

Here are the common signs they shared:

They are Difficult to Operate

Your windows should be operated smoothly and easily. However, when your windows are worn you will probably need some additional pressure and force to open, close, and even lock them. Windows that have reached this point are actually considered dangerous to your home and safety. They represent an easy access point for uninvited guests including burglars and critters.

They Open or Close on Their Own

When you open or close your windows and doors, they should remain this way until someone engages with them again. When your windows have become worn or warped, they may start opening or closing on their own. This again represents a security issue, as this can be an easy access point for uninvited guests.

Physical Damage

Unless you take the time to inspect your windows on a regular basis, you may miss signs of damage. A small crack on a frame or even on the glass may go unnoticed. This damage can be cause for great concern. Water from rain or snow may be able to seep in from the damage on your windows and lead to additional damage to your home’s interior. No matter the size of the damage, you should act as soon as it is noticed.

Your Energy Bills are High

What do your windows have to do with your energy bills? It turns out quite a bit. Your windows face both the internal and external environments of your home, to ensure they do not let air pass through these environments, your windows are sealed and they are insulated. When this seal becomes compromised and the insulation gives or is insufficient, the outside weather conditions are now able to affect the interior of your home. As a result of this, your heating and air conditioning systems need to work more to maintain the comfortable interior environment and in turn your energy bills increase with the usage.

Outside Noises are Coming Into Your Home

If your windows are working optimally, they should be able to block most outside noises from coming into your home. However, when they begin to breakdown and wear out the noise from the environment outside your home is more clearly heard inside your home. This breakdown occurs over time, so you may not notice as the noise creeps in a bit more over time. At some point you can look back and recognize that cats and dogs are easily heard now, when they weren’t previously.

They also suggest inspecting your windows at least twice a year, as adding a quick inspection to your seasonal home maintenance routine will allow you to notice any early signs of damage or wear before it becomes an issue. If caught early on, many minor issues can be rectified, preventing larger issues from arising down the road.

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