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The spookiest part of the year is almost upon us. Halloween is a holiday tradition that gives kids and adults alike to have fun being someone else, gorge on candy, and watch scary movies. Another big part of any Halloween celebration is the decorations. Whether you like to carve a Jack-lantern or go all out, there are many Halloween decorations that can transform your home into a haunted house.

Window Decoration Ideas

When it comes to Halloween decorations, your windows are a great place to start.

  • A Creepy Presence – If you really want to alarm people, try putting a mannequin or large doll in front of the window. Passersby will think they are being watched by an eerie presence.
  • Clings – This is a simple idea, but is still effective. There is a variety of window clings you can put on your window to create a spooky scene. Such as ghosts or spider webs, or for a more intense look, try a blood-dripping zombie or a witches coven.
  • Silhouettes – Create a scary scene with cut-out silhouettes. Bats, witches, ghosts or whatever you can think of. They’ll come to life when placed to your windows and a light source turned on behind them.
  • Projector Lights – The most modern idea on this list is projector lights. You can project some eerie images, like laughing heads, flying ghosts or flickering jack-lanterns right onto your window. Make sure to place the lights outside in front of the window.
  • Bloody Handprints – An easy way to creep people out. This idea involves some red construction paper, scissors and tape. Trace out your hand on the paper, cut them out and attach them to your windows. Don’t forget to add some fake blood drops to really scare it up!

Door Decoration Ideas

With your windows fully haunted, you can move on to your door with these ideas:

  • Crashed Witch – Not all witches are excellent flyers! Try adding the back half of a witch to your front door. The gimmick is a little funny and spooky at the same time while adding a neat 3D effect.
  • Creepy Altar- There are many different ways that you can create a Halloween altar around your front door. You can go gory and add severed limbs or keep it kid-friendly and add cute bats, ghosts and pumpkins.
  • Mummy – Add one of the most famous monsters to your front door easily and effectively using some toilet paper and cut out eyes.
  • Door Knockers – These come in a large variety of options. You can get door knockers that warn visitors of doom, laugh maniacally or are just downright scary looking.
  • Scary Mouth – If you want to get super creative, add large teeth above the door and on the sides to create the illusion of visitors being eaten when they walk up to your front door.
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