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One of the best ways to make a home statement is with your entry door. Entry doors add curb appeal and value to your property, without requiring a large investment. Feel inspired as you enter your home; sometimes all it takes is a splash of paint and a bit of know-how. Or maybe you’d like a whole new design. Whatever you decide, allow the experts at Thermo-Bilt to help you.

While entry doors aren’t something you’ll change all too often when you do feel ready to replace your entry door it can’t hurt to know the latest trends. What styles and colours will be popular in 2019? Read on to find out…

Door Colour Trends

Bold colours that can make a definite statement continue to be popular. Teals and berry-red hues are a few examples of hot entry door colours. When you paint your front door it becomes an expression of you and your family. Consider the colour and texture of your home’s exterior as well as your own personality when making your decision.

Cooler Shades

Colours like blue, aqua and teal are popular choices. Some might say these are colours perfect for the warmer, summer months. Maybe so, but they also have calming properties. The cooler shades bring a sense of relaxation and serenity.

Warmer Shades

Bright colours like yellow and red are thought to promote happiness and prosperity. Pillar-box red is being replaced with more dramatic shades of cherry and berry-toned colours.

The key to painting your entry door is to go with a contrasting colour to the rest of your home. Express yourself, make your door stand out, step out of the box and try something different. Consider these tips, but remember, you can pick any colour you desire. Have fun with your colour options and enjoy the process.

Metal Door Designs

Metal front doors are a big trend and we expect their popularity to continue into the new year. Metal entry doors offer a warm and contemporary look. The industrial trend is going strong, so this would be a great addition to your modern home.

WIth metal doors black is a popular colour, with stainless steel and copper always being a classic choice. What about a steel atrium door to take the trend even further? The black steel frame and glass give an industrial-chic look.

Fiberglass Doors & Panels

Try a modern fiberglass door or a glass panel front door to enhance your home and let in plenty of light. Choose a glass that is frosted or etched to add some privacy. This choice will complement the design and give your home a contemporary feel.

Double Door Entryway

Another trend for the new year is to take an existing double door design and convert it to a single door and use the other side to add a glass panel. Again, this is great for adding a modern feel and letting warmth and light into your home. It could also save you money as you won’t have to purchase a larger or double front door.

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a whole new door and look you are after, choose Thermo-Bilt to help you with your entry door needs. Contact us for more information about entry doors and installation.

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