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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You’ve got your tree up, the decorations set just right, and the lights silently twinkling. But this year, maybe you’re ready for something more. Something different to make your whole house to pop. One way of intensifying the Christmas magic around your home is with a festive display on your entry door and some tasteful window Christmas décor, too.

Whether a wreath or some beautiful ornaments, no matter your budget, taste or style, we have ideas to help you get your home looking festive and fun this Christmas.

Read on to discover our top picks for the holiday season.

Door Wreaths

Wreaths can take center stage here. You can also have a lot of fun with them too. Go all out with a traditional evergreen complete with a signature red bow.

Try a brightly coloured wreath in a shade that contrasts well with your front door. Or get back to nature with an all brown twig-like wreath, complete with holly, berries, and acorns. There are no rules here. You can use whatever materials you like. Try an all-bauble wreath, even try a different shape like a star.

Front Door Garlands

Like wreaths, garlands are another great go-to for your front door. You can manipulate them into certain shapes, or use them to frame doors and archways. Again, you could go along the traditional route, or try something unexpected. Why not cover your garland in delectable edible candy or even toys or Christmas ornaments?

Outdoor Christmas Characters

Turn your door into a Christmas character with a couple of strategically placed add-ons. Try going for Santa Claus, complete with belt, buckles, and beard. Or even a snowman, with a scarf, carrot nose, and black buttons.

Welcome Items

To make your home especially welcoming, place things beside your entry door such as a:

  • Festive welcome rug
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ sign
  • A bowl of candy canes.

Christmas Window Decor

When it comes to your windows, there are lots of Christmas choices:

  • Hang baubles of different colours and sizes to create a focal point. Clash or match with the décor of your room.
  • If you aren’t going for a wreath on your front door, consider in your window instead – they look great framing a window.
  • Create a garland of Christmas cards. Use natural looking twine and tiny pegs to complete the look.
  • Lights are a traditional choice, pick designs like snowflakes or icicles to create a wintry scene.
  • Window stickers and stencils are great too. Create the illusion of fake snow with paint or sprays  (your children or grandchildren will have fun helping you)
  • Try a Christmas window box on the outside of your window. Use natural greenery and make it pop with splashes of deep red.
  • A Christmas window banner with a catchy slogan is a great talking point
  • If you don’t want decorations on your actual window, why not place your Christmas tree in front of it? Allow your lights to shine through and your decorations to sparkle. This will be especially magical at night.

The Perfect Windows & Doors for Winter

When you decide to dress up your windows and doors, make sure you have the best foundation to work with. Thermo-Bilt is the GTA’s trusted window and door installation experts.


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