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If you are on the market for new or replacement windows, you may think the hard part is over after you have chosen the style of window and glass pane. However, you should not overlook the importance of choosing the right window trim or casing to suit your home.

Window trim and casing adds a lot to the appearance of your windows. From colour to the texture to style, there is no shortage of fun you can have customizing your window casing!

What is a Window Casing?

The window casing is the molding that goes around the window frames and it is also known as trim. The purpose of window trim is to seal the frame in order to prevent outdoor air from entering the home. While the outdoor casing serves a more functional purpose, indoor casing acts as a finishing touch to your room, like your baseboards or door moldings.

Choosing a Window Casing

In order to create a unified appearance throughout the home, many people try to match their casing to their baseboards and door moldings. Outdoors, it is advised that colours and styles are chosen to match the exterior style of the home. You should consider both style and colour when making a choice about window casing. Ideally, you will have the same window casing for years to come so you want to ensure that you have made an informed decision.

Types of Window Casings

Use this guide to explore some of the most common types of window casings to help you start on your journey to making the right choice:

Complete casing

Complete casings refer to moldings that encompass all four sides of your windows. They exist in both simple layer and multiple layer molding. Stacked moldings with multiple layers add a more decorative and visually appealing appearance to your window when compared with single layer molding.

Low-profile casing

If you are not interested in having your casing stand out, or make a large visual impact on your home, low-profile casing may be the perfect option for you. This casing sits flat against the exterior and interior walls of your home to provide a clean finish without drawing attention.

High-profile casing

For those looking to use their casing to make a bit of a statement, a high-profile casing is the right choice. Made up of plastic or composite materials, the high-profile casing can surround the whole window or be featured above the window as a pediment. This casing can be molded to suit a variety of tastes and is particularly suited to older, Victorian style homes.

Traditional casing

Traditional casings are simple and lay flat against the wall. They usually feature subtle detailing in the molding, such as a raised header or decorative groove.

Modern casing

As the name suggests, modern casings are an ideal choice for newer homes. They provide a clean, simple finish that frequently matches the colour choices for the rest of the window. Modern casings offer a classy finish that compliments the glass panes as the main area of focus.

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