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There are many reasons for a homeowner to look into window replacement options, perhaps your windows are old, worn, or damaged, they may not be energy efficient leading to higher energy bills, or maybe they are just outdated and you are looking to renew your home’s style. No matter the reason for looking into window replacement options, there are several items you should know about window replacement, before hiring a contractor.

1. New Vs. Retrofit

When it comes to replacement windows you can choose to replace the entire window with a new window or retrofit the existing window. A new window is a newly constructed window made up entirely new materials, based on the size of the opening. A retrofit window utilizes some of the existing materials and is made to fit inside the old window frame and minimizes any potential disturbance to the home building materials around the window.

A new construction window may require some alteration or some inadvertent damage to the existing stucco or brick as it is made to fit the original allocated window opening. A retro-fit window fits around the existing window frame, reducing any potential damage to the home, but also reducing the work required to remove the old window. A retrofit window will cost less to install, but will also be smaller than the previous window.

2. Type of Window

When replacing your windows, you need to consider the type of window you want to install. Just because the existing window is of a certain style, it doesn’t mean the replacement window needs to be the same style. You may choose to replace a sliding window with a casement window. Review your options and desired functionality before you make your final decision.

3. Frame Material

Before choosing the window frame material for your window replacement project, it is best to weigh out the strengths and weaknesses of each type. The most common types of window frame materials include fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Vinyl frames are the most popular choice because there is very little maintenance, they are extremely durable, and have an aesthetically please look.

4. Glass Options

You also need to understand the available glass options and what will meet your window replacement objectives. For the most part, the options associated with the type of glass used in your windows will influence the overall efficiency of your windows. There are double, triple, and even quadruple paned or glazed windows, they can be low – E glass that will block the UV-rays and heat. You can also choose to have Argon gas filled in-between panes for increased energy efficiency. All these must be factored into your glass choice for your window replacement.

5. Warranty

You always hope to never need to use the warranty included in any home renovation project, but if an issue arises shortly after your project is completed, you want to be comfortable knowing you are backed by a strong warranty. Carefully review the warranty provided by the contractor, you should not only look at the manufacturer’s warranty which covers the window itself. But, you should also inquire about workmanship warranty which covers the installation.

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