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Seeking out window replacement companies can be as  challenging as purchasing a new vehicle.  It’s the type of decision-making you don’t have to face often.  For most people, they only have to consider window replacements a handful of times in their life meaning, they’re probably not too experienced with the whole ordeal. Well, we’ve provided a helpful list of the 5 most important things to look for when inquiry with window replacement companies.  Here they are:

Energy Efficiency

Most people consider replacing their windows with new ones to improve both their homes aesthetics and to lower their energy consumption.  With rising energy costs, everyone loves seeing savings on their energy bills.  Replacing your windows is one very effective way to improve how your home retains heat and keeps the cold air out.  Just a friendly tip that insulated windows that make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer


When considering various window types, it’s important to inquire if the windows are self-cleaning.  Yes, there are windows that are self-cleaning! It’s a great option to avoid having to pay high costs for professional window cleaners or having to labour over doing it yourself. Coated windows practically clean themselves and provide better  insulation.

Safety & Security

When obtaining quotes for your new windows, most people are seeking a great deal however, another important feature to consider is the safety and security the new windows would provide for your home.  There are various window designs that are made up of different materials. Additionally, you’ll want to choose a window type that is both suitable for your everyday preferences and provides ultimate security for your home.  Thermo-bilt’s best recommendation is to look for F-10 (no forced entry) rated window locks.

Free Quotes

You shouldn’t have to pay any money upfront to get the information you need to make the important decision to replace your windows.  A professional window replacement company should provide you with a free quote or estimate.

One-day Installation

Furthermore, your home will be exposed to the outside elements while your windows are being installed. It’s important to find a company who can complete the installation in one-day.  It would not be ideal to have gaping holes overnight, where your windows are supposed to be. Thermo-Bilt Windows & Doors can offer you all of these benefits:

Window Replacement Services

Window Installation Services

Door Installation Services

Door Replacement Services

Planning and Designing Rebates and Financing Support

We’re happy to answer any questions and provide our best recommendation for your home’s window and door replacement needs, give us a call today.

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