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Window replacement is not a home improvement project many homeowners get excited about. It is not a project that an average DIYer is willing to take on themselves, and even though new windows add to your home’s appearance and curb appeal, it may not be seen as a project that adds style to a home. However, a window replacement project will add comfort to your home and might end up saving you hundreds in energy costs.

Even though replacing your windows may not be on the top of your home improvement list, here are 5 signs that you may need new windows.

1. Worn Out Windows

If there are visible signs of rot or warping around your window frames, it might be time to think about window replacement. Wooden window frames show signs of damage easier as the wood rots away, but poor quality and older vinyl windows can also wear and warp.

2. Difficulty Open/Closing

A major sign that window replacement is needed is when your windows are no longer operating as intended. This could be difficulty opening or closing or not opening or closing all the way. If your windows give you a challenge to operate, you should consider replacing them sooner than later.

3. Soundproofing Issues

Old windows might lack the ability to provide adequate soundproofing for your home. Newer windows are built to assist in diminishing sound transfer. This can improve your interior quality of life, since your home will become quieter and more comfortable.

4. Drafts

As your windows age they may become damaged, and the seal around the window weakens and the insulation between the window frame and your wall becomes less effective. As a result, air is able to transfer through space. If this is the case in your home, you may notice that during summer months your home is warmer than in the past and during the winter months, your home is cooler. Not only does this reduce the comfort level in your home, it will cause your energy bills to spike as your heating and air conditioning systems will need to work harder to get your home to your ideal temperature.

5. Condensation Issues

Condensation building up on the inside or outside of your windows is due to the difference in temperature from inside your home to outside, but moisture between your window panes is a sign that your windows assembly has been compromised. In this situation, your only option is to replace the damaged window.

Of course, there are numerous other reasons why you would choose a window replacement project as your next home improvement project. Perhaps you are looking for a more energy-efficient solution or you are looking to change how your windows function. No matter why you might consider window replacement for your home, it is highly recommended to find a professional installer, with the experience to ensure your project is completed correctly the first time. And don’t forget to ask about both the manufacturer’s warranty and the workmanship.

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