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Any home improvement project is an investment in your home. Some projects improve the look and feel of your home, others are for improved comfort and convenience, some projects are required for better functionality and in some cases the project encompasses all of these. Replacing your windows and doors can be one of those home improvement upgrades that meets all of the above benefits and more. But, how do you know if it is time to replace your windows and doors?

Below, our experts share their insights on the top signs that you need new windows and doors.

1. Visible Damage

Probably one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows or doors is obvious damage. Broken and/or malfunctioning windows or doors can lead to some very serious issues, even minor damage can cause serious problems. The integrity of a window or door is compromised, security risks arise as well as functionality is reduced. Replacing damaged doors and windows as soon as you notice the damage will ensure your home is best protected from harsh weather, such as heavy rain, winds, or snow and potential intruders.

2. Rotted or Rusted Frames

Deteriorating frames can lead to several issues including reduced energy efficiency, limited functionality, and potential for water damage. Rotting wood or rusted metal can act as an access point for rain and moisture to enter your home. Over time the moisture can cause damage to your walls and floors. If moisture is able to get into your home due to rot or rust, air is also able to move through these areas allowing cool air to escape your home and warm air to enter in the summer and vice versa in the winter months. This will lead to an increase in energy bills as your HVAC system is forced to work overtime to keep your home at your desired temperature.

3. Not Sealing Properly

If your windows or doors have issues closing and a complete seal is not formed with the frame, this will lead to heat loss and air exchanged with the outside. This will cause temperature fluctuations in your home and the potential for warm or cold zones around your windows. As noted above, improper seals around your windows and doors will lead to reduced energy efficiency and increased utility bills.

4. Plenty of Noise Pollution

Potentially, the manufacturing process and the installation of your older windows can be a major reason why there is so much external noise penetrating your home. This noise can be quite distracting and down right annoying. New windows, when installed properly will reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home.

5. Scrapes on Your Floor or Window Sills

Over time, windows and doors tend to warp and sag, this leads to scrapes and wear on your floors or window sills from regular operation. Not only is this damage to an eye soar it can be an indication that your window or door has absorbed moisture, is not sealing properly, and is a potential security risk. All issues you would probably like to avoid.

These were just five of the many signs it is time to replace your windows shared by our experts. A bonus reason that was shared that did not make our list is design and appearance of your windows and doors. If your windows and doors are detracting from your home’s beauty or do not fit in with your design theme, an update maybe what is needed.

If you are interested in replacing your windows and doors, let ThermoBILT windows and doors help you get started. Call us today at 866-512-4782.

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