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Replacing your home’s windows might sound like a big task, but this one upgrade will save you money on your hydro bill, reduce outside noise and add value to your home in more ways than one. Is there any other upgrade that can give you so much?

Save money on energy bills

One thing’s for certain, your hydro bills aren’t getting any smaller, if anything, they seem to be rising no matter what you do to try to reduce your consumption. Switching to LEDs, reducing phantom power (power used by appliances that are off but still plugged in), even running cold water cycles and doing laundry during off peak hours are great ways to reduce energy consumption. But you’ll get more bang for your buck through hydro bill savings when you upgrade your windows. Window companies have found that air leaks account for 25 per cent of heating costs.  Eliminating these leaks will not only keep your home warmer and more comfortable, it will also help reduce your bi-monthly hydro bill.

Stop Drafts

You know all about drafts if you’ve ever lived in an older home. As soon as the cold hits you suddenly find yourself steering clear of your windows and doors. Old leaky windows not only rob you of your comfort in winter, they rob you of hard earned cash as well. As mentioned, air leaks account for up to one quarter of your home’s energy loss. That’s a lot of wasted energy! And the worst part is air leaks aren’t the easiest things to fix. You may not always find exactly where the air leak is. The best solution is simply to replace your windows, not only will you eliminate the drafts, but over time your savings will pay for the windows themselves.

Make Your Home Quieter

Do you live on a busy street? Can you hear the highway in the distance? Ever wonder if there’s an easy way to fix that? Over time, as your house shifts, your windows may slip out of place, leaving tiny gaps that allow sound in. A great way to fix this issue is by replacing your windows and making sure they are tightfitting when they are installed so there are no gaps.

If you live in an older house and have single pane windows, adding a double pane with laminated glass can drastically reduce outside noise.

New Style Windows Easier to Clean Than Old Windows

Old windows usually aren’t just one pane, they’re several. Squeegees? Forget about it! They’re usually too big to fit your windows, meaning you have to wash the whole thing by hand, which can be time consuming, especially if you’re planning to do the outside as well.

If you are planning to upgrade your windows, there are newer technologies out there that allow your windows to stay cleaner longer by harnessing the power of the sun’s UV rays. Look for coated glass options.

Make Your Home More Attractive

Nothing adds to the aesthetic of your home like replacing your windows. Not only does it freshen the face of your home, but it adds value and makes it more attractive to potential buyers as well. Wood frames, which is what most older homes use, may eventually rot no matter how much love you give them.

Talk to window companies in your area about the benefits of replacing your windows. Most will offer a free quote. Shop around, then come to the experts at Thermo Bilt Windows, who can help you choose a window that will meet your needs, save you energy and keep your home insulated and warm for years to come.


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