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Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, but one you need to prepare for. When you are purchasing a resale home, your new home is someone’s old home. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but there are some tasks you will need to prepare for. Outside of connecting utilities and purchasing furniture, you will probably need to complete some home improvement projects or updates.

We asked several local real estate agents, what are the most common items need to be replaced after buying a new home? Below we outline the top 5 common items they mentioned.


Securing your new home is a priority for many new homeowners. Even though you may have received several keys to the home from the previous owners, you can never be sure if there are copies still out there. Changing all external locks is a good way to ensure someone isn’t able to just stroll into your home with an old key.


Depending on the age of your home, a window replacement should be considered. Damaged or older inefficient windows can cause potential security risk as well as increase your energy consumption and utility bills. Most windows have a life span of roughly 20 years, if the home you just purchased is 15+ years old and has never had the windows replaced, or it has been 15+ years since the windows have been replaced, it is a good idea to have them inspected. Having energy-efficient windows, that function in a way you prefer and add to your home’s aesthetic appeal will increase your quality of life.

New Paint

Even though most homeowners repaint their home prior to putting it on the market, it is quite common for the new homeowners to repaint the home to match their style and design needs.

Repainting is a fairly inexpensive way to update your home and add a touch of your personality.


Appliances are large, bulky and a hassle to move, so it is no surprise that many resale homes include the existing appliances with the home. These appliances were used by the previous owners and may be dated or may not match your style or needs. It is common for new homeowners to replace one or more appliances if the old ones do not have the functions required or if they are not functioning properly.

Light Fixtures

Updating the light fixtures in your new home is a fairly simple upgrade and one that allows you to instill your personality and style into your home.

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